• Tiam My signature Vita B5 Toner 180mL

    ia’m My Signature Vita B5 Toner instantly hydrates and freshens skin while balancing skin pH to prep for other products. Rich in Vitamin B5 complex, this toner enhances the skins barrier, retains skin’s moisture and hydrates without leaving a sticky feeling. Claims. Instantly Hydrates Skin. Balances Skin’s PH level.
  • Tiam My signature MY LITTLE PORE NO SEBUM CREAM 50mL

     Formulated with Berry complex to nourish skin and revitalize skin, silica powder to absorb sebum, zinc oxide to soothe ti.
  • Tiam My signature Vita B3 Source 40mL

    Step up your beauty routine and shop Tiam Vita B3 Source, a brightening serum that lightens skin and reduces dark spots.
  • Tiam My signature Red C Set (3items)

    This Kit includes:
    1.My Signature Vita Red Toner (40ml)
    2.My Signature Red C Serum (12ml)
    3.My Signature Red C Cream (15ml)
  • Tiam My signature My Signature Red Serum 30mL

    TIA’M – My Signature Red C Serum 30mlSerum containing 20% pure Vitamin C helps reduce blemishes, hyperpigmentation and signs of aging. Also enriched with Vitamin B12 to soothe skin, plus glutathione and niacinamide to brighten complexion. The stabilized formula is less volatile than My Signature C Source.

  • Tiam My signature My little pore Fix Source 40mL

    1. + Tightens the sagged pores, gifting volume and elasticity to the pores. …
    2. + Smoothly soothes the stimulated and wide pores of the troubled skin.
    3. + Formulated with Tannin and Sesaflash that are effective on tightening pores.
    4. + Works to shrink the appearance of pores and keeps your skin plump and supple.
  • Tiam My signature AC Fighting AHA BHA PHA Toner 180mL

    Contains triple acid (AHABHAPHA). Suitable for all skin types. A toner that clears and refines congested pores and removes excess sebum to improve skin problem caused by clogged pores with excess sebum and dead skin cells. It is specially formulated for acne-prone skin, revealing a healthy-looking complexion.

  • Tiam My signature A+ CREAM 50mL

    Relaxing moisturizer contains vitamin C.
    Make your skin best condition every morning.
    Fresh Natural water of Jeju and Jeju mandarin extract.
    Protect, soften and moisturize your skin.

  • Tiam My signature C Source 30mL

    A pure vitamin C 20% serum that delivers a multitude of complexion benefits such as regenerating the skin, brightening and evening out skin tone a and firming your skin for beautifully healthy skin.

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