MISSHA M Perfect Blanc BB Cream 40ml #23 Sand

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ALL Day Be Bright !
A brightening BB Cream that makes the dull skin look brighter while achieving a lit-from-within effect.

Contains 10 Blanc Complex™ to brighten up your skin and making it look like you were born with it. Provides coverage to freckles and dark spots, and helps even out uneven skin tone. PHA derived from Honey helps exfoliate dead skin cells, while nourishing skin with rich moisture and nutrients. Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and protect skin from damaging UV rays with SPF50+ PA+++.

Only 1 left in stock

MISSHA M Perfect Blanc BB_40ml

ALL DAY BRIGHT COVER! Light for skin ON! A clear and bright cover for 24H

1. Blanc skin that brightens natural skin tone Contains 10Blanc Complex™ that provides unrivaled brightening cover technology, helping skin present a clear tone even with makeup on. *Effective brightening ingredient refers to Niacinamide only


2. A triple tone-up cover that eliminates all blemishes Helps present bright and lively bare face through a triple tone-up cover (redness/yellowness/darkness) and dull freckles and dark spots *Instant triple tone-up cover *Completed skin adaptation test on reducing freckles and pigmentation Testing institution: Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences


3. A pretty and clear cover without darkening for 24h Helps care for rough skin texture and darkening & presents a pretty and clear cover with exfoliating ingredients from honey *Completed test on maintaining anti-darkening for 24h and skin irritation (Completed skin adaptation test/ Testing institution: Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences)

Through Bio Conversion, honey is converted into PHA(gluconic acid), which helps to remove dead skin cells and provides moisture and nutrients in honey. A dead skin cell softening ingredient that can be used on sensitive skin. *Function only limited to the ingredient itself


– Take an adequate amount and softly spread it out on face outward – Apply on the areas with more freckles for a clear presentation


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