Missha Airy Fit Mask Sheets Shea Butter 20ml

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  • Dermatologically tested | Watery essence
  • Super adhesive mochi texture sheet
  • A great fresh-up through cold brewing method
  • A custom fit sheet mask for all skin types (Watery Essence)
MISSHA Airy Fit Sheet Mask
Perfectly close like a cake!
Airy sheet mask for your skin
Pomegranate good elasticity care for women
Contains pomegranate extract to help maintain skin elasticity
for tired skin without leaving skin firm and smooth.
Brightness skin make-up flour nutrition care
It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and essential
amino acid-rich honey extracts to make your skin look radiant and shiny.
Jewelry of the sea, transparent moisturizing care of pearls
Contains minerals rich in pearl extracts for slimy skin Leaves skin smooth and radiant
Clear moisturizing care of rice excellent for skin beauty
Contains exquisite rice extract for skin’s rough and light-damaged skin,
softens skin texture and gives clear shine
Shea Butter
The deep moisturizing of shea butter
Contains Shea Butter extract with excellent moisture
for dry skin Helps form a firm moisturizing skin.
Tea tree
Sensitive skin nourishes tea tree
Contains tea tree extract with excellent ability to catch shine
for sensitive skin due to sebum secretion.
Red ginseng
Nutritional care of red ginseng synonymous with health food
Contains ginseng extract rich in nutrients for skin that has lost its power
and gives off a healthy and beautiful skin condensation.
Transparent calm care of potatoes
Contains potato extracts rich in vitamins for dull skin,
brightens and brightens skin while calming sensitive skin
Green tea
Fresh green tea moisturizing care
It is dry and contains fresh green tea extract for dry skin.
Moisturizing moisturizing aloe moisturizing water tight
It contains aloe extract, which has excellent moisture retaining ability
for dry skin, to form a moisturizing and moisturizing skin.
Vitamins lump lemon care
Contains vitamins-rich lemon extract for light-skinned skin
that loses vitality and brightens skin.
Transparent Moisture Care of Cucumber
Contains cucumber extract with high moisture content
for dry skin and gives clear, moist skin.
Gently place the mask sheet on the face, rest for 15~20 minutes and remove.
Gently massage to absorb any remaining essences.


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