Hanyul Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Cream 3mL


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Struggling with breakouts and troubled skin? Herbal ingredients are an excellent supplement or milder solution than stronger actives. Mugwort and mulberry, two key ingredients in Hanyul Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Cream, reduce redness and soothe irritation. Mugwort also cools skin overheated by the sun.

Out of stock

Looking for a burst of fresh hydration and lasting moisture, without oiliness or a heavy scent? Hanyul Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Cream has you covered. This refreshing gel-cream moisturizer hydrates deep within skin to keep it soft from morning to night. Inspired by traditional Korean remedies handed down from mother to daughter, the mild but effective blend of locally grown medicinal herbs soothes skin and protects from damage and inflammation. Suitable for all skin types. Free of parabens, animal ingredients, mineral oil, artificial colors, and imidazolidinyl urea.


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