Beauty of Joseon Revive Serum : Ginseng + Snail Mucin 30ml

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This serum is made for skin that has lost its vitality.
It contains 'ginseng', which has been used as an important herbal ingredient for a long time, and 3% ‘snail secretion filtrate', which creates the best synergy for skin elasticity.
It includes:
Ginseng root water 63%
Snail mucin 3%

In stock

  • [Anti-aging] This product is made for skin that has pigmentation and low elasticity. It has been formulated to help improve wrinkles and repair damaged skin by combining 3% of ‘snail mucus filtrate’ that can create the most synergy with ‘ginseng’, an oriental herbal ingredient, well-known for its effectiveness in anti-aging.
  • [Runny texture] It has a unique runny texture of mucin, and a moisturizing and nutritious finish.
  • [Ginsengroot water 80%] Ginseng, which is recorded as ‘Sincho’ in Donguibogam, is said to have been used as a bath water by Hwang Jin Yi, the best gisaeng in the Joseon Dynasty. Studies have proven that saponin, which is rich in ginseng, helps prevent blood circulation and skin aging, promotes moisture supply, and helps keep moisture deep in the skin for a long period of time.
    Revive serum
    Revive serum

    Ginseng in Joseon

    Ginseng is referred to in the medical book ‘donguibogam’ as a “God-given herb” due to its excellent functions

    Saponin and polyphenol, which are abundant in ginseng, aid in blood circulation, promote moisture supply, prevent skin aging, and provide vitality to help prevent skin pigmentation and wrinkles.

    Snail mucus is refined mucus that aids in the healing and protection of damaged skin tissues.

    It is known to help skin aging by promoting the recovery of damaged skin and collagen production, and it contains adenosine, niacinamide, pine mushroom, and licorice extract, all of which are functional ingredients for wrinkle improvement and work in tandem with ginseng.

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